GenPlan Program

8.45 - 9.00: Introduction
9:00 - 9.45 Invited talk: Giuseppe DeGiacomo. Foundations of Planning for LTLf and LDLf Goals.
9.45 - 10:30 (Session Chair: Blai Bonet): 
  • Federico Falcone, Alfonso Emilio Gerevini and Alessandro Saetti. On Realizing Planning Programs in Domains with Dead-end States.
  • Alberto Camacho, Jorge Baier, Christian Muise and Sheila McIlraith. Bridging the Gap Between LTL Synthesis and Automated Planning.
11.00-12:30 (Session Chair: Ronen Brafman):
  • José Á. Segura Muros, Raúl Pérez and Juan Fernández-Olivares. Learning HTN Domains using Process Mining and Data Mining techniques.
  • León Illanes and Sheila McIlraith. Numeric Planning via Abstraction and Policy Guided Search.
  • Blai Bonet, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Hector Geffner and Sasha Rubin. Generalized Planning: Non-Deterministic Abstractions and Trajectory Constraints.
  • Roni Stern and Brendan Juba. Model-Free Conformant Planning.
2.00-2.45 Invited talk: Scott Sanner. The Dream of Lifted Planning.
2.45-3.30 (Session Chair: Roni Stern):
  • Ronen Brafman, Giuseppe De Giacomo, Massimo Mecella and Sebastian Sardina. Service composition under probabilistic requirements.
  • Sunandita Patra, Paolo Traverso, Malik Ghallab and Dana Nau. Planning and Acting with Hierarchical Input/Output Automata.
4.00-5.00 (Session Chair: Siddharth Srivastava):
  • Short paper: Ugur Kuter and Robert P. Goldman. HOKAGE: A Heuristic Lifted Planning Algorithm for Generating Diverse Generalized Plans.
  • Discussion and wrap up